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Cold Room Solutions

Food And Agricultural Warehouses

Agri Commodities when stored in cold rooms, Life of the Product is enhance, Also temperature control maintains Colour, test and moisture content in products.

Due to lower than ambient temperature maintained in cold storage, Fumigation is also not required.

Controlled temperature setup (Cold Room) enhances overall value of products compared to dry warehouse at lower cost.

We provide full range of products for Ripening chambers, Pre Cooling Chambers, High Humidity Cold Room, Blast Chiller, Blast Freezers, Mushroom Growing chambers, Cold Rooms, Multi Commodity cold rooms for all type of Fruits abd Vegetable, Pulses, Food Grains Jaggary, Spices and many other Food Products.

Retail Shops And Departmental Stores

Products are displayed in temperature controlled display cabinets enhances customer experience and prevent perishable products from damage and spoilage

We offer complete solution of display cases for modern retail stores ranging from Open Multi deck chillers, Cabinet Freezers, Island Freezers, Glass Door freezers and chillers, Serve over counters, Fish Counters etc

Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Pharma Products are stored at Various temperature depending on nature of the product.

We provide entire range of products for storage of Pharma Products from Frozen Storage, Cold room, Ambient storage for temperature ranging from Minus 30 Deg C to Plus 25 Deg C

Facilities We Offer

Loading Bay

Ante Room

Machine Room

Cold Room